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LATAM Hotels Corp. has announced the opening of the first Hyatt Place hotel in Honduras, located in the capital, Tegucigalpa. This 140-room hotel is located in a historic district of Galerias de la Paz, on the eastern edge of Honduras "central business district. In this area there are residential developments, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and restaurants. There are more than 1,000 apartments and hotels in this area, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

Guests can earn Hyatt Gold Passport points at the hotel for free for the first three months of their stay. Guests can earn Hyatt Gold Pass points for the first two weeks of their stay, totaling 1,000 points.

Visit HyattPlace.com or call 1-888-543-3200 for information on making a reservation, or visit hyattplace.org for more information. Visit HyattsPlace, com or call 1-888-543-3200 OrCall 1 + 1 for Hy Hatt Place information to make a reservation. Visit HyATTplace, call # 1 + 1 or make a reservation.

For convenience and convenience, the term "Hyatt" is used for any hotel in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or other parts of the world. The term Hyatt was developed as an abbreviation for the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) and the International Association of Hotels and Resorts (IAHR). For publications and amenities, it is used as a shorthand for hotels, resorts and other hotels within the United States and / or other countries. "The term 'Hyatt' refers to a hotel or hotel chain, hotel brand, resort or resort - a hotel, hotel or resort in the style of a country.

It is the name of a hotel or hotel chain, a hotel brand, a resort or resort in the style of the country in which it is to be located.

Honduras is a world-class rafting destination, with rapids offering a variety of water sports including kayaking, canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking. Honduras is home to some of the largest and most diverse rivers in the world, as well as the largest river system in Central America. It also offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and cycling to hiking, camping and fishing, so travelers of all kinds will find something to enjoy.

The hotel also offers a magnificent view and is located in the heart of Tegucigalpa, one of the most beautiful cities in Central America. The hotel's rooftop terrace overlooks the city and river, offering visitors some of the most spectacular views of the city and surrounding area.

Located in the heart of Tegucigalpa, one of the most beautiful cities in Central America, this hotel is a great choice for visitors traveling to Honduras, the capital city.

This Central American hotel combines modern design with modern amenities. Inspired by the 24 / 7 multitasking lifestyle of travelers, the Hyatt Place Hotel combines stylish design and convenient amenities with a forward-looking guest experience.

To support the development of Hyatt Place Tegucigalpa's sustainability efforts through educational activities and community cleanup, it seeks to project its sustainability efforts through education, community engagement, and environmental responsibility initiatives. In addition to supporting the construction and renovation of a new, state-of-the-art water treatment plant, the Teguig alpa, they are trying to underpin their sustainability efforts through education activities, communities and clean-up. To support the development and expansion into the largest hotel market in Central America, HyATT Place in Teguca, Honduras, in partnership with the Honduran Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Development (MNDD), it seeks the support of local businesses, organizations and individuals in the region.

Latam Hotel Corporation is an American company based in Latam, developing a project using the world's first state-of-the-art water treatment plant, Teguig alpa. It is part of a public-private partnership that was created to promote Honduras as a destination for tourism and investment and to position the country's goods and services in the world, highlighting the talents and work of Hondurans. HyATT Place Tegucigalpa Honduras Hyatt Hotel Company, a joint venture between the Honduran Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Development (MNDD) and the Honduran Government, offers the largest hotel market in Central America with more than 1,000 hotels in Teguca, Honduras, and a wide range of amenities including restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Among the hotels already announced to open in 2014 are the first HyATT Place Tegucigalpa Honduras Hyatt Hotel Company hotel in the historic city of Teguig alpa, Teguca, Honduras, with a 1,000-room capacity, as well as a hotel in El Salvador and two hotels in Guatemala City, both located on the outskirts of the capital and in the city's central business district, San Pedro Sula. The second hotel in the joint venture's second project in Honduras is located on 2,500 square meters in a residential area of El Paso, Texas, and the third hotel with 1.5 million square meters in San Luis Potosi, Guatemala, just outside San Antonio.

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